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Mission Statement

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

This is my first blog entry on this site. I am excited. The exclamation point at the end of this sentence is proof! Just to give you a little background of what all of this is about. My name is Shmuly Tennenhaus. This is a link to my online marketing blog. But enough about me. Let’s change the subject…to ME. A few weeks ago I decided to leave my job. You can read about it here. I moved out of Montreal and back to Florida. So, the other day I am reading the NY Post; not the online version. The actual printed thing. Why and how? Well, it was the weekend and in honor of the Sabbath, I have a custom to treat myself to the actual NY Post. Besides, as I am an observant Joo, (that’s hip for Jew) I refrain from using my laptop on the Sabbath. And like it says in the bible, and on the seventh day G-d rested and spent time reading Page Six.

So, I am reading the paper and take notice that AMI (american media inc) will be doing a reality show called One Park Avenue. On Saturday night, I start googling for more info about this. I read that the show would be produced by Star Price Productions; the same company that produces Penn & Teller Bullsh*t. Great show! My findings also include the fact that the casting for the show will take place “in-house”. At the offices of Star Magazine. Hmmmm. That got me thinking. I need a job. Would like to do something fun and exciting. I have a strong interest in the entertainment industry. Love to write. It made perfect sense. I would get a job at AMI with the objective of being on the show!

Why would I be a good character? Because I am a fresh face; religious guy with a ton of Chutzpah. Many times people have even called me “a hoot” as in “Shmuly, you are a hoot!”. What more can I even say?! Anyways, ideas are nothing. Action is key. So, I emailed the producer, Star Price, a small email, pitching the concept of my participation in the show. Then I emailed all the senior execs at AMI. On Monday morning, one the execs replies to my email that he is not the correct contact, but he will forward it to the right person. I also called the head of AMI HR & Star Magazine and sent them both my resume and the reason I’d like to work there. Cool.

That afternoon, I get another email. This one was from the producer’s assistant. Nice! She asks for my cell #. We exchange several emails. I inform her that I even have experience working with AMI. She wants to know if I have any dating stories. I send her this link. Bottom line; we have yet to chat. However, my fingers are crossed. And today, I sent flowers to her office. I am counting on Perez (her favorite site) to back me up. Not in the literal sense; more in the referral sense.

Then it dawned upon me, that to increase my chances of being on the show, it is imperative that I demonstrate my value proposition. Why do they NEED me? How can someone like me contribute? Can I be an asset to the show? To AMI? To Bonnie? To Star? The answer is…I hope so. You see, while AMI is a large publishing company, they are quite traditional and not to familiar with new/interactive media. That is where I come. My background is in online marketing! So, without prompting I decided to go ahead and create a blog for the upcoming show; One Park Avenue. In the interests of AMI, I also purchased the URL, the CEO of AMI. This way, nobody can abuse his name or the name of his corporation. In addition to the sites, I have also created a Myspace account for the show! Please add me to your friends! Oh yes; I have a myspace account for Bonnie Fuller too. I hope to soon teach her how to use it!