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JR Music, Beyonce, Closed for Yom Kippur

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

JR is a music store in Manhattan. I can vouch, having just been there a few weeks ago and purchasing a DVD as a gift for a loved one. Anyways, the owners of JR belong to the Jewish tribe. As a result, if you shop there wearing a Yarmulka, you are entitled to a 5% discount.

Kidding. Trust me. If that were the case, I’d go there wearing 20 skullcaps and get stuff for FREE ( 20 x 5% = 100%)

Naturally, they close shop for the Jewish day of atonement, 10/02/06. I got a kick out of seeing the Yom Kippur announcement, right above the Beyonce box.  Ahhhhhhhhhh.  Judaism just got a whole lot cooler :-)

jr (2).JPG

David Letterman Top Ten: Jim McGreevey

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Enjoy. This is from last Thursday night. of Gap Inc. to Launch on October 16th!

Friday, September 29th, 2006

It’s almost here. Get ready. Gapshoe will soon be a reality. The Gap Inc. (Public, NYSE:GPS) has yet to specify when exactly the launch of piperlime will take place. I did mention earlier that October would be the month.

Now I know the exact day!

October 16th is the day. 2006 is the year. Get ready. This will be big. After all, this is the 5th brand by Gap Inc. And the only brand that will be online only.

I spotted the launch date in this press release (The Gap, Inc.’s new site (launching Oct. 16)) My guess is that this parcel of info was not intended for public consumption. Oops :-)

My camcorder arrives before the 16th. No doubt, as promised earlier, I will be reporting alive, alert & awake from my….location.

(Update: has since gone LIVE! Below is my first review on YouTube) Pays Tribute to Barney

Friday, September 29th, 2006

This homepage design debacle has been up all week.

barney (2).JPG

Someone in the graphics department is clearly a big fan of the 6-foot purple creature.
FYI, many years ago, in Switzerland, I wore a Barney costume at a Purim party. It was sweltering hot in the costume. And the children at the event actually thought I was the real Barney. So I was the victim of many kicks and punches, from the older kids who had matured from loving Barney and were in the “let’s beat up Barney” stage”. True story.

Richard Johnson is NOT on Vacation

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

In fact, maybe he is. However, the sexy new online edition of the NY Post does shed some light on the Richard’s whereabouts! Earlier this week, I asked where he was. Yesterday, I informed you, thanks to an email response, that he is vacationing. Today, the Post confirms he is traveling.

So which is it? Traveling? Or vacationing? Or is that really all one and the same? I guess if he was traveling for work, not vacation, the site would say on assignment.

richard (3).JPG

I wonder why only the online edition mentions it and not the print. You see, this just confirms how awesome the new site is. It gives you the gossip on the Page Six staff!

BTW, this is funny. At least in  my opinion. I broke the NY Post story before the NY Post broke the story. I wrote about it last night. It appeared in today’s print edition of the Post!

In other news, I hope that Corynne Steindler thinks I am cute :-)

NY Post Website Emerges from Major Nip-Tuck

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

The transformation is huge. The NY Post just rehauled their entire site. The results are stunning. I have been visiting the site for years. Almost from the day that Gore invented the web.

The only thing that ever changed on the site was the news. From time to time. The new changes are out of this world. Darker background. More colored photos.

They even added a map for celeb sightings. Submit a sighting! So what if this is similar to the Gawker Stalker? This is the Post. The big leagues.

Anyways, this was long overdue. Job well done. Congrats!

nypost (3).JPG
The bandages are removed from the swan… 

USA Today &

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Not sure if this is news to you. It is news to me. And it’s my blog. So I’m pretty much calling the shots around here.

I just noticed that USA Today has their shopping/marketplace section outsourced to aka dealtime.

It’s interesting to me how these relationships are structured. USA Today, a Gannet company, uses for marketplace & Yahoo for search.

Meanwhile, Scripps, another media company, is the proud owner of another shopping comparison site,

shop (2).JPG
 For your convenience, I use arrows and circles.

Have you seen my retainer?

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Has anyone seen my retainer? I was last wearing it this morning. In Brooklyn. The next thing I know, my retainer is gone! It disappeared sometime before breakfast and after breakfast. The odds that I actually ate the oral contraption are slim to none.

It’s not the first time I misplaced my pink retainer. Normally, it takes me about a half hour of searching and swearing to locate the missing mouth piece. Not today. I fear the worst. My retainer may be gone for good.

I am offering a reward for its return. First, before the reward details, I give you a brief retainer description. It’s pink with a wire going around the front. It is molded in the shape of my lower teeth. I do not have a photo of my retainer. Otherwise I’d post it.

The reward is $25. Cash. US dollars. In an unmarked envelope or a travelers check. Whatever floats your raft. I just want my retainer back & wedged firmly beneath my palate.

Just so you know, I do not suspect that any foul play was involved.

Introducing the American Express Red Card

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

RED is the new good. RED is the new charity. RED (the charity not the color) was created by Bono (the singer not the clown) & Bobby Shriver.

And who is Bobby Shriver? Well, naturally, Bobby Shriver is the co-founder of RED! Duh.

Anyways, RED is red hot. The goal of RED is to raise money for “women” & “children” with HIV/Aids in Africa. (”Men” did not make the cut…)

As part of this noble effort, RED has partnered with iconic brands who are making their products available in red. These companies include Myspace (all decked in red) American Express (hence my blog title) Armani, Motorola & Gap.

Very ironic that a credit card is colored in red. Perhaps the color scheme will encourage cardholders to amass credit card debt!

img_card_homea (2).jpg

P.S. Unlike the Amex Black Card, the American Express Red Card is only available to UK residents.

Gap Inc. Piperlime to Promote Anorexia

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

The launch of gapshoe is soon. Gapshoe also goes by the name piperlime. In addition to hiring their competition, Piperlime has turned to stylist for the skinny, Rachel Zoe.

What is going the mind of The Gap Inc.(Public, NYSE:GPS)? Perhaps they are on the Rachel Zoe diet and have thus been deprived of food for weeks; hence their current state of awful decision making. Rachel Zoe is a respected amongst the celeb community. The rest of the world has either never heard of Rachel Zoe, or has read about her in a negative light.

These are two recent articles about Rachel Zoe; the Sydney Morning Herald wants to know if Rachel Zoe has an eating disorder. (Aussies are so damn polite.) And the Times Online: Fashion’s No 1 stylist, or just a great big zero?

BTW, Gap shareholders are about to make eight-cents. Rock on!