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Introducing….Jenn Hoffman!

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

I really want to go to bed. Or at least to the couch and fall asleep to Prison Break.

So I will makes this quick.

The Sixth Season of The Apprentice starts soon. Of course, I will NOT be watching this wretched show.

Anyways, of course there is the need to cast AMAZING people for the show. Fear not. Allow me to formally introduce you to Ms. Jenn Hoffman.


Here are some things you ought to know about this contestant:

1) A press release has been released. To the press. Amen.

2) Jenn is a publicist. The company she works for is now showcasing her mug on their homepage.

3) According to Friendster, Jenn is 27 years old and in a relationship (shucks). She lists her Occupation as: Media Whore.

4) Her acting career began when she was 8 years old.

5) I think she is hot. Melania better keep the Donald on a tight leash.

6) Jenn has preformed “The Vagina Monologues“.

7) The (new)official website for Jenn Hoffman is under construction.

8) No doubt, Jenn also has a MySpace account with a funky sound track. Her list of friends include other contestants of The Apprentice Season 6.


Why I Decided to Boycott The Apprentice

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Based on the title of this post, can anyone guess the forthcoming topic?

So, I decided to boycott the sixth season (and hopefully final) of The Apprentice.

YouTube clip. You can read about it here and there.

But “why?” you ask. What inspired this act of “courage”?

And now I will blog from the heart. Rosie and Donald Grump had a public feud. Trust me; this is a blessing for TV ratings. Both for The View and The Apprentice. That’s fine. You feel the urge to drum up some buzz for your show, then go ahead and lash out at Rosie.

The Miss America stuff needs a few more press mentions; grant the party girl another chance during a press conference. Hey, whatever works for you.

What got to me was when Donald called Rosie a “loser”. Why is she a loser according to Trump? Because she failed with her TV show and magazine. Donald on the other hand has billions of dollars. Naturally, he is a winner. This is Donald Trump ideology.

Please. That is so blatantly shallow. And stupid. What is success? Maybe it’s when you’re content with yourself. Maybe it’s also you are a pleasant person. One thing is certain; success cannot be defined as “being so full of yourself to the point where the public nauseous”.

Unfortunately, in our culture, too much emphasis is put on money and pseudo aspirations of success. I think that the Donald only encourages this false sense of success.

Hence my boycott. Do I believe that this will put a dent in The Apprentice ratings? Probably not. But I felt that I had to do my part. It’s up to the public to “tune-in or not to tune-in”.

Blog Tag - 5 things you didn’t know about me

Friday, December 15th, 2006

So, this morning I get an email from Kris, informing me that I have been blog tagged. Kris was tagged by shoemoney who was tagged by Andy who was tagged by Avinash, who beget Dave…sounds like Bible history.

The concept is to tag several fellow bloggers, who then also have to write 5 things you didn’t about them.
Kris, for those of you who don’t know, is a search expert. So, for example, if you lost your car keys, Kris can probably find them for you just by using Google. As the CEO of PepperJam, Kris believes in hard work and in hiring perfect 10’s.
Five things you don’t know about me? Don’t you already know everything about me? Guess not!
1) When I was in elementary school, I entered a spelling be. And lost. Guess which word I misspelled? The word “misspell”. I swear. True story. How humiliating is that? This is the first time I share this anecdote in public.
2) For the first few seasons of 24, I had a huge crush on Elisha Cuthbert. Then I felt that she was messing up the show; really out of place. So my crush dissipated.
3) I have a six-pack. Not beer; abs. No joke. If you are nice, perhaps I can post them one day on this blog.
4) I belong to the Jewish faith. No kidding. Both my parents are Jewish. Shmuel is not an Irish name. It is Jewish.
5) Before Sunset and Before Sunrise are my favorite flicks. So is Boiler Room.
And now I tag Rebecca, Ben, Jim, Mark Cuban & Kim.

my name is in a newspaper

Friday, December 15th, 2006

You can read the article here. The YouTube link is here. Hope you like the clip. And funny blog story here.

nit-pics (i have no idea what “nit-pics” means)

Friday, December 15th, 2006

The past few days, I have taken several photos. Now, I present them to you in their full glory.

Verily, these pictures are random. However, let it be known, that I do not harbor any ill-will towards randomness. In fact, I preach randomness on random occasions.

Admit it pumpkins; you are glad to have me back in the sack!

The “A” in Walmart goes on strike
The web address for Costco is Coincidence? I think not.
Best cookies I ever tasted. My cousin baked them this evening.
Sign on the door of a Coffee Shop!(Flipping the bird to the birds!)
The place is so narrow, there is no space between “be” and “careful”. How ironic is that???

the dog ate my blog

Friday, December 15th, 2006

It’s been forever. Since I blogged. For you. It pains my heart that you feel neglected. Like a stray cat.

Let me fetch you a bowl of warm milk. And let’s put this behind us. Better yet; remove it from behind you and bury it in the litter box.

Just so you understand; not that I need to provide any of you with justifications for my absence!

Last week, I was away. In Montreal. All week long. I miss the people. Not the place. Anyways, too busy to blog then.

This week, I was busy with recuperating from my trip from last week!

Also, it has become evident that blogs are a thing of the past. Case in point; blogs have become mainstream. Sounds contradictory, no?

Let me elaborate; blogs were once a novelty. If you had a blog, people would bow at your feet. (Unless you walked on your hands and it that case they’d kneel to your hands.)

Web browsers would surf the net, cruising to discover the writings of a total stranger. Today, blogs have morphed into a common day word as in “honey, did you feed the blog?”.

These days, everyone has a blog. Even the guy who doesn’t have a blog, has a blog called “”.

What is hot in our era? Streaming video. Of course, this is a trend that can come and go much like the blog mania of the early 2000’s.

But right now, it is sizzling hot. Hence, I have been spending more time with my youtube channel.

WANTED: a title for this blog post

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Right now, this very post lacks a title. I turn to you dear readers. Choose a title. Elect a title. And I will adhere. Word!

There has a been a brief lull on my YouTube channel. Programming has been suspended until I get a functional program to edit my video clips. Windows Movie Maker has narcolepsy. Very sad. But oh so true. You’ll be in middle of using it and it will just starts snoozing…

So, as I search for video editing software, the seventeen subscribers to my channel will just have to remain calm and patient. Because I am clearly anxious and impatient…

Somehow, I made it to ABC News…

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Um. Where do I begin? I begin with the evening news. A few weeks ago I got an email in my YouTube account. Some guy requesting I make clip on how I would solve the situation in Iraq. FYI, there is a situation on Iraq.

Many Republicans deny the existence of a situation in Iraq. In fact, the other day, a Neo-con was overheard denying the actual existence of Iraq; “Iraq who? Never heard of it.”

iraq (2).JPG

Anyways, so I made this lame clip. Anyways, the guy emails me this evening. That what?

That I was featured on the friggin news! Clip is here. It’s at the end. They conclude with me. Wow. Yay. And the anchor cracks a smile.

What else is there to say? Really?