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Forth and Towne RIP

Friday, March 16th, 2007

It’s Friday. Will indulge a bit and talk shop about the Gap Inc. Been harping on this for a long time. On this blog. On my other blog. And on my YouTube channel.

Mind you, the Gap sites are pretty well done. There are still glaring issues though. From the get-go, the creation of the Forth and Towne brand never made an sense.

The oddest thing was that F&T was not set up for ecommerce. Huh?

Do I think there is hope for the Gap? Yes. But they need to make a few important changes.

The YouTube Version of Kevin Dillon

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

This morning I check my email. There is a Google alert for “Paging Ari Gold“. The site was picked up by my new favorite blog Suburbarazzi.

So, I got in contact and we did an interview. By phone.

Read it. Trust me. It’s quite funny. Right here.

JCREW Final Sale

Friday, March 9th, 2007

The most bizarre thing. A while back I blogged about jcrew coupon codes.

A bit later, I discovered that the above post was attracting traffic to my site as a result of people searching for  “jcrew coupons“.

Point is, the traffic has held up and has even increased. People are coming to my site with the hope of finding jcrew discounts, jcrew coupons, jcrew deals, jcrew sales etc.

So, people are coming here. It is my duty to be a gracious host. From now on, I will try to update this site with Jcrew coupons.

There is a Sale. Going on now. Click here.

crew (2).JPG

Glengarry Glen Ross

Friday, March 9th, 2007

It’s been years since I watched this flick. Glengarry Glen Ross. The movie is about sales and leads.

Anyways, today, I found the clip on YouTube. Not the whole movie. But the best part of it.

It’s a speech given by Alec Baldwin. When I watched this afternoon, I was laughing very loud. That doesn’t happen very often. That I laugh very loud. In the afternoon. Mornings; maybe. Night; sometimes. Afternoons? Never!

Then I pinged the clips to a bunch of people on my MSN messenger. (add me!

Enjoy the Glengarry Glen Ross clip.

Christian Affiliate Marketing

Friday, March 9th, 2007

You like the title of this post? Do I even care? Unless you complain to my advertisers, I will not budge.

Anyways, before we move along, just need to mention that I moved to Seattle. If you watch my YouTube channel, then you already know this from my last clip. If you don’t, then you suck. And there is no hope. That is until you accept upon yourself the oath of the faith of the belief of the religion that is my YouTube channel.

Can you tell I am watching TV as I write this drivel?

So, I was invited to participate on a podcast. The program will be on a frequency called Webmaster Radio. It’s not on your local FM tuner. To get the station, you need to smash your radio with a hammer. Then, take those shards and put them in a blender. Then, sip the liquefied radio mix. At that moment, you will catch the signal from Webmaster radio!

Kidding of course. Somewhat. Looking forward to the show. And meeting Wade.

Check out what was written about me. Me! Nice things. Things I didn’t even know about myself :-)

If you haven’t followed him on Revenews, he is one of my favorite reads in the online marketing space. He’s an interesting dude and a bit of a loose cannon - makes it all the more interesting. I’ll be curious what Shmuly brings to the table. He’s a bright guy and is always at least interesting or provocative in his posts and has a pretty cool sense of humor.

Love you Wade!