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Filling the Gap

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Out of the goodness of my lungs, I created a new product for the Gap.

It’s tres cool. At least IMO. Did you know that IMO stands for “in my opinion”.

Taking this abbreviation to further lengths, my friend uses the term IMHO as in “in my honest opinion”. Wild! It is a super time saver, especially if use the expression quite often.

The new product can be viewed on this clip.

P.S. You can also check it out at!

Endless Bad News for Gap

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

It’s been so recent since I last blogged, my coffee is still hot!

Dude, what’s up? You go silent for weeks, then you start pumping out blog posts. Dude, wtf?!”

In response I say “Dude, you are right. My bad. A tear rolls down my rugged cheek.”

As if things could not get any worse for Gap…things have actually become worse!

1) More executives are leaving. To me, this comes as MAJOR surprise. Based on the way the company has been running, I was entirely convinced that weren’t any executives in the first place!

2) There is more., I tiny online retailer, based out of the small hick town of Seattle, has opened up their own Shoe and Handbag website. Everyone, please meet

I am slightly congested in my nasal region, yet I can still smell the looming corpse of
, which also sells handbags in addition to a billion pairs of shoes each day, should be mildly concerned. is not someone you want to compete with.

However, offers FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. Read that again. No kidding.   Plus there is free returns as well.

Back in the day when I was knee-deep in the ecommerce universe, I constantly argued that  overnight shipping would be a wise choice. Why? Because it makes online shopping not just more convenient, but it also decreases the time advantage of the physical store.

When I shop, I went it ASAP. Yesterday! If I don’t need something, I am not buying it. (most of the time ;-) However, my biggest vice with only shopping is the delay of receipt. practically eliminates this issue. You can buy your shoe and and eat it too! (Eat it as in wear it….)

So Zappos and the other shoe sites are monitoring this development very closely. Trust me. I know these things.

But for Gap, which has not done anything right since…I don’t even recall… just means they have another big thing to worry about.

Stay tuned. I might be working on a Gap YouTube clip…

187348yegd_w (2).jpg
GAP executives on the run 

Can Gap Get Anything Right?

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Gap has a shoe site. It is still in business. The site is pretty. Besides the green. What gives? It’s an ugly color. The blue is nice though.

We know that Gap is hemorrhaging. Btw, if anyone is a Blood Type O, we urge you to donate some blood to Gap Inc. This cadaverous clothing company is in need of a blood transfusion. In fact, with a bit of irony, Product RED has been a blessing for Gap.

To put things into perspective, AIDS is the best thing that has happened to Gap in years.

Things at Gap are so crappy, I hear that the citizens of Africa are raising money to help out this struggling corporation!

So, the geniuses at Gap decided they needed celeb power for Piperlime. To who did they turn? Rachel Zoe! What the hell were they thinking?

rz (2)1.JPG

Check out this new poll from US Weekly Magazine.

nr (2).JPG

Good going Gap. I can always rely on you for an entertaining gaffe!

Piperlime Goes Primetime

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Today is Wednesday. I have recovered, for the most part, from my stomach virus. Thank you all for holding prayer vigils across the country. Really. I felt it. And would probably do the same for you.

For the first time ever, I recorded a YouTube clip on the topic of Piperlime. Of course, I could have done this last Tuesday. However, I did not want to distract too many Gap/piperlime employees during the first week….

Here it is!

Piperlime, Rachel Zoe, Go Live

Monday, October 16th, 2006

This evening I am rife with mixed emotions. One half of me wants to eat meat for dinner. The other half of me wishes to eat milk. And the third half isn’t even hungry.

For months, I have blogged about the new Gap shoe site called piperlime. I breathlessly reported all the latest stuffs. But all good things come to an end. Except for Rocky sequels.

This afternoon, piperlime has gone live. Over the weekend, I decided to end my prolific Gap bloggings. It was a great ride. However, I need to focus on internet video.

piperlime (2)2.jpg

Many of you at Gap have become regular visitors to my blog. Already today, 26 of you have stopped by to say hello. Thanks for taking the time!

ga (2)1.JPG

Will I ever again blog about Gap? Probably. But not nearly as often. Perhaps a video clip from time to time.

A tear rolls town my cheek. Metaphorically.

I will not critique the site, though there is much that can be said! OK. For old times sake, I will point out one Gap-mishap on the new site :-)

In the Rachel Zoe corner, the box is titled “Our Latest Expert”. Yet right beneath that you state “Say Hello to Rachel Zoe our very first editor”. So I ask: how is it possible to be both the First & Latest at the very same time?”.

Gap, I love you. Even your silly marketing efforts! Please keep in touch!

Piperlime in the “real news”!

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Last week, I posted a YouTube clip addressed to Gap employees. The clip has since been taken down, by me, due to its shoddy quality and my rather shabby appearance.

In the clip, for the unfortunate who missed it, I mentioned that a Business Paper would be publishing an article on Piperlime. I did not lie.

On Friday, San Francisco Business Times writer, Sarah Duxbury, wrote an article about piperlime: Piperlime — the shoe fits, Gap wears it.

Most who you who visit the blog are familiar with the majority of the article. Here’s what’s new:

1) Piperlime will also be selling shoes from Taryn Rose & Mephisto.

2) Gap denies the site will launch on October 16th. Perhaps they are having delays. Who knows?

3) The site, as per Zappos, will be offering free shipping and free returns. (The domain ”” was the original site name, until piperlime saved the day :-)

4) Alex Clark is the Gap spokesperson quoted. I think he might have been high while giving the following comment “”Now we’re able to dress our customers from head to toe, and that’s something they said they wanted.” Problem with this statement is that the Gap brand already sells shoes! Ooops :-)

Toby Lenk, Piperlime, on Wikipedia

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Gap will soon have a fifth brand. It’s about time they started a Gapincpedia! If only I had the time…

Anyways, here is the Toby Lenk entry on Wikipedia. Impressive that piperlime is mentioned.

Toby Lenk manages all the ecommerce business (and more) at Gap Inc. As an adult, Toby Lenk was CEO of eToys. As a child, his favorite toys were cowboy figurines and scuba G.I. Joe.

His entry could use some editing. If only I had the time….

Just some interesting Wiki gossip; there is (of course) an entry about Gap Inc. CEO Paul Pressler. However, his entry is clearly biased and harps on his Disney days.

paige (2).jpg

Video Message to Gap Employees

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

The audio and video are not in synch. Plus I am having a bad hair & face day year.

Hope you loves it! Has a Piperlime Fetish

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Piperlime employees, whoever among you is managing search, take heed from the unemployed stranger (me):
instead of being busy with this in the future, save yourself the time. Just trademark your…trademark! On Google. This will spare you the headache, from competitors and affiliates.

shoes (2).JPG


Sunday, October 1st, 2006

It’s Saturday night. I showered and no longer smell like a chicken rooster. And this makes me very happy. No longer smelling like living poultry.

Just thought it was important (very) to let you know, that Piperlime has made an appearance on the homepage! Under the category Gap Inc. brands, there is a link to Wicked!

pipe (2)1.JPG

The order of the brands are puzzling, just like everything else about Gap Inc. Piperlime, although not even live yet, is listed first, followed by Old Navy etc. (Don’t be lazy; just look at the screen shot!)

Also noticed the Will discuss that later.