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nit-pics (i have no idea what “nit-pics” means)

Friday, December 15th, 2006

The past few days, I have taken several photos. Now, I present them to you in their full glory.

Verily, these pictures are random. However, let it be known, that I do not harbor any ill-will towards randomness. In fact, I preach randomness on random occasions.

Admit it pumpkins; you are glad to have me back in the sack!

The “A” in Walmart goes on strike
The web address for Costco is Coincidence? I think not.
Best cookies I ever tasted. My cousin baked them this evening.
Sign on the door of a Coffee Shop!(Flipping the bird to the birds!)
The place is so narrow, there is no space between “be” and “careful”. How ironic is that???

Christmas Shopping @ Walmart: a photo journal

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Some pics I took while waiting on the return/exchange line. I have some video footage as well. If you beg, I will post. I am not kidding. Serious begging, or else nobody views the clip. It’s a boring clip…but some of you might like it.

Walmart Expands to the Banana Republic
Walmart: attracting shoppers of all ages
easy bake.JPG
Personal note: this is what I want for Christmas 
Title for future Grisham novel: The Book Display 
Personal note #2: this is what I want for Hanukah 
This poor guy has the worst job in the world!

Walmart Rolls out $4 Prescriptions

Friday, November 24th, 2006

And I have the proof to back that up….

and inside…

Walmart Versus Target: Web Edition

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

The other day, not today, there was an article in the WSJ. The paper. Not the online edition. Not in swim suit edition of the Journal either. It was in the standard print WSJ.

The article was about how online retailers, specifically, ebay, amazon and overstock, are losing ground to traditional retailers, in particular, Target & Walmart.

FYI, there was another piece in today’s WSJ (yes, it’s the only paper I read) about Walmart stores being a boost to malls! All the foot traffic is a benefit to the other shops. Cool, no?

Anyways, I noticed lately how Walmart & Target are both ramping up their online presence. Screen shots are from today.

Target is running a promotion with David Blaine. More here.

target (2).JPG
wmt (2)1.JPG

Walmart Expecting a Plasma Stampede

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

This Friday is a big shopping day. People spend a lot of money. Retailers get happy. Consumers begin racking up debt.

The event is called Black Friday. Why? Because traditionally, this is the day that retailers exit the red (losing money) and enter the black (making a profit).

Applying this color scheme logic, consumers ought to refer to this day as Red Friday. If July 4th were to fall out on a Friday, would the auspicious day then be called “red, white and blue Friday?” I love it. Let’s make a coalition and institute ASAP.

Anyways, check out the pre-flyer from Walmart. Them guys be selling a big flat screen for cheap dollars. Maybe I go with a camcorder to check out the scene.

wmt (2).JPG

Does y’all reckon that these folks will create another franchise called “smashmywalmartplasma“?

Btw, have you subscribed to my YouTube channel? Me thinks not. For shame. I hate you until you subscribe. Thereafter, I shall heart you forever!

My Walmart Experiment

Friday, October 27th, 2006

There was always this thing nagging at me. Besides for my mother. And father. And family. And my community.

What is this thing? It was more of a theory. I wondered if instead of exercising in a gym, would it be possible to conduct a complete workout in a department store (?).

An old wise man once told me “Life is short. Before you know it, you’re old and frail and you realize that you never had the chance to test out your department store ideas.”

Well said. Here it is below. You can also rate it here.

A Late-Evening Walmart Excursion

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

A few nights ago, I trekked down to my local Walmart to buy paintbrushes.

(In case you need evidence)

While I was there, I checked out the pitiful clothing department. For the sake of full disclosure, I confess that I bought a pair of Miami Dolphins lounge pants.

(I hope there is no dirty bomb in these comfort trousers.)

Anyways, two things caught my eye; 1) the Walmart clothing line called George 2) the dreadful dressing rooms.

George is not a name for a clothing line. Sorry. I have a Greek friend. His name is George. He is one of my favorite people. But his fashion sense is god awful. The clothing line George is even worse.

(Curious about George)

The coolest part of this story? The following morning, I read an article in the WSJ about Walmart struggling with their clothing line because 1) “George” has zero brand recognition. And 2) the clothing department, including the dressing rooms, are a freaking mess!

dressging room.JPG
(Health Hazard) to Launch Digital Movie Downloads

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Saw this in today’s WSJ. The print version. The article is not part of the free WSJ site.

Th article (Big DVD Retailer Target Warns Studios Over Download Pricing) starts on the cover page. It discusses Target Corp. being unhappy with & Apple getting movies for lower prices and thereby selling the movie downloads to consumers at lower prices.

BTW, did you know that Target Corp. accounts for 15% of DVD sales for major US films? Walmart does 40% of total DVD/movie sales!

Anyways, here is the quote: Studios have reminded Walmart that it stands to benefit from online movie distribution considerable from rising sales of video iPods and other similar portable video players in its stores. And Wal-Mart is planning its own digital movie store, which it will likely roll out in coming weeks, people familiar with the situation say.

Can anyone say “Netflix, please come bail us out again?”

Zune Pricing Wars = $0.05

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

The Zune will be here zoon. Maybe even before noon. If Apple & Microsoft were to merge, they’d create a device called the iZune. How nice would that be? Very nice!

Although the Zune is not available, you can already pre-order the Zune. How zweet it is. However, lest you expect the path of pre-ordering to be well paved, it is not. There is a small pricing ditch along the way. & are battling it out in a fierce price-figure fight. has it for $249.94. will give it to you for five-cents more at $249.99. If you’re looking to buy about a million units, the price disparity can make or break your piggy bank.

Tough choice? Not really. will ship it for free. charges approximately $5 for shipping. So, do yourself the favor; part with the additional five-cents on the Zune at Then get it shipped for free!

izune (2).JPG
The iZune, Steal O’ the Day Humor

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Catch Clay Aiken on I think it’s a good idea for online merchants to rekindle their love for Yahoo.

There has been an exodus. It’s larger than I blogged about.

It seems that Overstock has taken these employee departures to heart. Today’s Steal of the Day, at OSTK, is the book ” A Series of Unfortunate Events“.

ostk (2)1.JPG